The Ergonomic Fuel Line Residual Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer

Delivery truck drivers are considered high-risk for back injuries and have the highest injury rates of all occupations. Our services and equipment work to prevent those injuries from occurring. Our newly designed and patented tool (US 6,918,415 B1 and 7,748,418), the Ergonomic Fuel Line Residual Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer, aids in draining fuel hoses without risking back injury to the driver.


 The Fuel Hose Drainer:


  • Is adjustable to accommodate drivers of different height
  • Is lightweight and portable
  • Reduces risk of injury for a truck driver by supporting optimal handling of hose lines


By using The Ergonomic Fuel Line Residual Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer you can prevent driver injuries which, in turn will prevent injury claims by drivers.

The Fuel Hose Drainer is more efficient than a hose-handling sling due to its patented rolling design. This allows the roller to pass smoothly under the hose and not be caught on any textures. Also, the Fuel Hose Drainer's design makes it quick and efficient with no assembly required with each use.

The biomechanical-conscious design of the Fuel Hose Drainer makes it an excellent product for injury prevention.

Customer Testimonials


“I've been using the tool for about a year and a half now and it's a big help when it comes to emptying the product hose because... when you have to bend all the way over to the ground and move hand over hand to empty the product, it's really hard on the back. So what this does is it enables you to bend down just slightly and pick up the product hose and... it rolls it for you and keeps the product hose away from your clothing. It's really easy on the back.”

- William Welker Driver, Associated Petroleum Products, Inc.


 “This has been a real big help to me because of the fact that it takes a lot of the strain off of my back, it lightens the hose, and it's easier to handle.”

- Chris Harris Driver, Harris Transportation, Inc.

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